The news about reader attention and the evolution of media isn’t all bad — there’s the « hill of Wow »

Si comme moi vous avez déjà pesté contre ces gens qui retweetent des articles aux titres prometteurs mais au contenu pas à la hauteur (mais c’est pas possible, il/elle n’a pas pu le lire avant de le partager ?!) cet article est pour vous et tout espoir n’est pas perdu (#longread #anglais)


Sometimes it seems as though the future of online media is a fairly bleak one: an ocean of clickbait and shallow pageview-driven articles, all of them chasing the dwindling juice that social-network algorithms provide, with scattered chunks of longform journalism drifting aimlessly, unable to get the attention they deserve. But is that a realistic picture of where we are? Betaworks CEO John Borthwick says it isn’t — and says he has the data from services like Chartbeat and Instapaper to prove that things aren’t as bad as they seem.

As Borthwick notes in a post on Medium, the most recent debate on this topic flared up a couple of months ago, sparked by a post from Facebook product manager Mike Hudack that lamented the state of online media, and how much of the content that was being produced even by « serious » media outlets was shallow clickbait:

[blockquote person= »Mike…

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