When a brand tells a story, it dares people to look at it

Combien de temps êtes vous capable de tenir face à cette vidéo plutôt ennuyeuse ?
Démonstration efficace de l’importance de la qualité du contenu


musee loading buffering roue banc television ecran attente

Yes this video is ironic. Yet, daring to ask that directly people to keep their attention on it brutally test our own free will. Are we that dumb? Or weak? Or zombie?

If this clip laughs at our lack of attention / ability to take control upon our life, it still shows in what mindset people are when playing a video of any kind: music, sport, commercial.

What people are looking for is instant entertainment luring their attention without the slightest bug. This is how people consume video and content for a couple of years now. Not that internet killed attention – the whole 20th century was paved by news media which piled up – but it has definitely bring a massive new amount of stuff to watch.

Brands shouldn’t forget that each of their pieces of content dare people to look at them. So it better has to be compelling…

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